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Gene Associated Survival Plot

Gene expression/methylation:
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Cancer Selection:

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User Guide:

Perform survival analysis on patients of specified viral-cancer or non-viral cancer(s), stratified by the expression or methylation levels of gene(s) of interest. Survival plot showing percent survival vs time are provided in viral-cancer and non-viral cancer.

  • Virus type(s): Select the virus in your interest.
  • Gene: Select gene input format (Gene symbol,Gene Accession,NCBI Gene ID) and enter your gene(s) of interest. You can enter 3 at most, separated by commas..
  • Gene expression/methylation: Select the type of profile of gene to show in terms of expression or gene.
  • Cancer Selection: Select up to 3 cancer types of interest.
  • Threshold: Set the threshold with which to stratify patients.
  • Cutoff(%): Set expression or methylation threshold. Patients whose gene expression/methylation levels are higher than this threshold are considered as the higher cohort and lower will be the low cohorts.